A pumice wick in biodegradable planters will safeguard newly planted trees and shrubs.Biodegradable planters should be equipped with a pumice wick burying in the ground.
The most vulnerable period for newly planted trees and shrubs is in the first two years. If your biodegradable planter is equipped with a pumice wick, the reservoir supply of water will give your tree or shrub that extra protection it needs during this initial period and it will be much more likely to survive. As well, you won't need to maintain it as carefully.

Once the new tree or shub is well established, the
roots will grow through and penetrate the water-tight tray, as well as growing through the biodegradable planter. (It is estimated that biodegradable planters take 7 to 8 years to completely degrade.)

The shrubs pictured above are in their fourth season now. These shrubs were planted to show the planter level with the surface, for demonstration purposes. In you garden, it is advised to plant 3" below the level of the surface to create a "well" for rain water collection.