A pumice wick inside a planter will give you identical benefits to a specialty self-watering planter.
  • less frequent watering
  • lower water consumption - a typical savings of 50%
  • more air around roots
  • less soil compaction
  • greater yield and healthier plants.
Using a pumice wick in planters you already own will save a minimum of 50% less water and there is a considerable improvement in maintenance too! You will find yourself having to water half as frequently, at a minimum, and your the plants will thrive. Water consumption is reduced because all water is not allowed to run off as waste - some is kept in reserve to replenish the plant.
You can use a pumice wick in any of your outdoor planters, for whatever you are growing, from roses to vegetables, even trees.

Gardeners frequently question us about the health of roots. "Do the roots rot?" The answer is 'NO!" Plants that have been growing for a season a planter with a pumice wick will grow vigorously, and the roots will ultimately extend right down into the pumice layer, but they DO NOT ROT!