These convenient planters will keep your 4" tropical plant or orchid moist up to four times longer than a conventional pot with drain holes. The 'pot within a pot' design includes an inner 'clear view' pot, ready packed with the right proportions of pumice stones and sphagnam moss. An outer, terra cotta, cover pot fits exactly for attractive display.

Not only are these planters the ultimate in convenience, but an added advantage is being able to see your plant's roots grow and develop. The cover pot prevents sunlight from reaching the inner pot and so keeps it permanently clear.

These small planters are ideal for growing orchids, tropicals, bulbs and herbs.

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A Gemma Self-Watering Planter is a 'pot within a pot' design that includes both a 'clear-view' inner planter ready packed with Gemma Horticultural Pumice / New Zealand Sphagnum Moss, and a terra cotta clay cover pot. TERRA COTTA CLAY COVER POT - 7" diameter at top x 6" deep'CLEAR VIEW' INNER PLANTER - 7" diameter at top x 4.5" deepThese planters are ideal for growing a 4" tropical plant and/or orchids transplanted from a 6" grower pot.